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Linking SMEs/Industries and Researchers

This webpage aims to initially make a linkage between HERMES-related SMEs and researchers and students. It is a 2-way "marketplace", where industries can look for new talents and where students can find new opportunities. If successful, further links to other industries will be made.


Challenger Oceanic, UK

Dr Bill Simpson
Challenger Oceanic
6 Meadow Vale
Surrey GU27 1DH
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 14 28 68 29 55
Fax: + 44 14 28 68 48 27
Email: [email protected]

Manufacturer of deep-sea oceanographic instrumentations:

  • Sampling systems such as Corers, Large volume filtration systems, Pumps (OEM), Samplers for AUVs & ROVs, Water & sediment multisamplers
  • In situ sensors and spectrometers such as In situ sediment profiler, sensors spectrometers
  • Sub-systems such as Actuators, flowemeters, pressure housings, etc.
  • Projects such as ARAMIS and SEABEE

Volcanic Basin Petroleum Research, Norway

Volcanic Basin Petroleum Research AS (VBPR AS)
Gaustadalléen 21
N-0349 OSLO

Phone: (+47) 22 95 89 24
Mobile : (+47) 90 87 50 14
Fax: (+47) 22 60 44 27
Email: [email protected]

A research and consulting company based in Oslo, Norway, focused on integrated geological and geophysical projects in volcanic basins with relevance for the petroleum industry. VBPR's main target areas are along the northeast Atlantic volcanic rifted margins, in particular the Vøring and Møre Basins off mid-Norway.
VBPR has a strong commitment to the use and develop IT and IKT tools. Runs a Linux and NT network, with a broadband Internet connection to the world. We have more than 15 years of experience with development, usage and maintenance of heterogeneous Unix networks on the net.

Praesentis SL, Spain

Jordi Teixidor
Praesentis S.L.
Parc Tecnologic des Valles - Centre d'Empresses Tecnologiques nau 041
08290 Cerdanyola

Tel: +34 935 824446
Fax: +34 935 801354
Email: [email protected]

Praesentis is a technological enterprise that develops underwater tele-presence. The mission is to develop and deploy a new line of products with the latest technology for the professional and pleasure nautical sectors. The vision is to be a world leader in this area, considering long-term value partnerships for the risks and opportunities in the economic, environmental and social aspects.

Median SCP, Spain

Dr Sybille van den Hove
Median SCP
Passeig Pintor Romero 8, A1a
08197 Valldoreix ( Barcelona )

Tel/Fax: +34 93 5879536
Email: [email protected]
A short profile of the company (PDF document)

MEDIAN S.C.P is a small company positioned at the intersection between scientific research and practical concerns of institutional and economic actors. It is based in Barcelona ( Spain ) and provides research, teaching and consulting services on environmental governance and policy, science-policy interfaces, participatory decision-making, corporate social and environmental responsibility, business ethics, decision-sciences and ethical decision-making.

Olex AS, Norway

Ole Benjamin Hestvik
Olex AS
Postboks 1256 Pirsenteret
7462 Trondheim

Tel: +47 73 546199
Fax: +47 73 545023
Email: [email protected]

Olex AS is the developer and manufacturer of the electronic chart systems Olex and Lino. Olex is an uniqe system for navigation, fishery plotting and seafloor mapping. Using the ships own echosounder and GPS the Olex system collects information of the seafloor-topography. The collected data are calculated between the measured points and the erlier measurings. The result is displayed on screen as a realistic seafloor view.

Lino is a complete chart system for navigation, with extremely fast and saemless zooming, easy route planning and optional chart rotation.

The system is specially developed for leisure boats, and smaller fishing vessels. Lino is easy to use, and diplays the best vector charts available.

The systems are merchandised via distributors all over the world. Olex and Lino are continously improved, and new versions are free.

Archimedix, Germany

Philipp Putschbach
ArchimediX GbR
Odenwaldstrasse 197
64372 Ober-Ramstadt

Tel: +49 6167 913738
Fax: +49 6167 913739
Email: [email protected]

ArchimediX specializes in high-end visualizations and innovative forms of presentations.

It's a demanding task to present scientific knowledge attractively and easily understandable but still precisely and well-founded. Pictures often say more than thousand words and visualizations can help impart ideas, facts or knowledge to the broad public in an interesting, fast and easy manner. Development and realisation of complex interactive presentations, integrating scientific visualizations is our mission in the HERMES project.

HORIBA Jobin Yvon, France

Contact : Dr Michel Leclercq
HORIBA Jobin Yvon S.A.S.
231 Rue de Lille
59650 Villeneuve d'Ascq

Tel: +33 3 2059 1800
Fax: +33 3 2059 1808
Email: [email protected]

Founded nearly 190 years ago, HORIBA Jobin Yvon is one of the world's largest manufacturers of analytical and spectroscopic systems and components.

Experts in the fields of:

  • Molecular and Microanalysis:
    • Raman Spectroscopy
    • Spectrofluorometry
    • X-ray Fluorescence
  • Elemental Analysis:
    • ICP - Spark - SDL Spectrometry
    • Elemental Analysers
    • X-ray Fluorescence - WEEE/RoHS
  • Optical Components
    • Gratings and OEM Spectrometers
    • VUV Instrumentation
    • Modular Optical Spectroscopy
    • Detectors
  • Particle Size Analysis
  • Optical Characterisation of Thin Films
  • Forensics


StatoilHydro ASA
N-4035 Stavanger
Tel +4751990000
Fax +4751990050

StatoilHydro is an integrated oil and gas company with substantial international activities. Represented in 34 countries, StatoilHydro has exploration and production activities in 15 of these. At 31 December 2006, it had 25,435 employees. StatoilHydro is the leading operator on the Norwegian continental shelf and are also experiencing strong growth in our international production. StatoilHydro is one of the world's largest sellers of crude oil and a substantial supplier of natural gas to the European market.